Centers and Groups in Germany

There are Ligmincha-Centers and groups in 4 cities in Germany, which offer practise meetings and meditation courses.

Centers in  Germany


Ligmincha Berlin e.V. - Laubacher Straße 21, 14199 Berlin-Friedenau
Ulrike Bross-Kurat
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Groups in Germany

Frankfurt am Main

Rigpa-Zentrum, Dreieichstr. 39, 60594 Frankfurt
Wolfgang Krebs
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Barbara Rung
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Gabriele Penders
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Coordination of German practicegroups and contact for interested practicioners, who are looking for a group close to them:

Anne Dullmaier
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"The practitioner is like a vine that can only grow where there is support. External circumstances have a strong influence on the quality of life, so try to spend time in environments and with people that support practice rather detract from it. It helps to read books on the dharma, practise meditation with others, attend teachings, and to associate with other practitioners."

(Quotation from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep; p.166)